2010-08-07 18:06:25 by WisdomThumbs

Just finishing up two weeks in Oklahoma. Damn, it should not be this hot up here! The planets must be aligned or smoking pot or something, because for once it's actually a lot colder in Texas than it is up north. Even New York's asphault is beginning to bubble a little. :/

Let me tell you, working in 120 degree weather all day is not fun at all. Especially when somebody takes a weed-eater (weedwacker?) to your face. BECAUSE MY FACE HAS BEEN WEEDWACKED (weed-ate?).

And to top it off, the electric fence was on when I fell into it. I think my dick shit itself.

Going to have some lovely scars from all of this.

First Day

2009-08-10 21:59:45 by WisdomThumbs

Well, after years of skulking through Newgrounds, I've finally created a profile. Now, I can't create flash animation, but hopefully that won't stop me from getting a little attention... something we're all starving for, eh?

The new Art portal need fresh blood, and lots of it if it wants to stand tall with the rest of Newgrounds. So here I am, ready to settle the place and put down new roots. Yippee.

And furthermore, fuck. It flies.

First Day